Common Chorus make fantastic theatre inspired by real life stories that should be heard. Our work is born out of a desire to take audiences to exciting places whilst giving voice to stories that matter in the here and now. We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We make both community cast performances and professional theatre. We work directly with people who have fascinating stories to tell, supporting them to be artists in their own right and perform in shows which we create together. We also, with permission of course, take inspiration from these community projects to create productions with our professional company that tour to theatres.     

2017/18 is a very exciting time for us as we launch three new and ambitious projects:

If I Say Jump will be our first touring production by our professional company to travel outside of Yorkshire, and has something to do with a Vicar, a gun and heavy metal fan who happens to be a recovering alcoholic. We are planning to take it to all sorts of places in Spring 2018.  

A Wind of Change is a large scale community cast show in Meanwood that we are undertaking with our partners InterACT starting this Autumn and finishing in February 2018. It will involve a Mary Poppins and Harold Macmillan Mash Up, a live radio show and lots of people singing in a large scale and full length community production.

A Formula for Lemonade will be our next major project and will give voice to a story about holding onto dignity and sanity when being abandoned by good health. This will involve a brand new community theatre project that will be R&D for our next touring production. 

For a bit more info about our journey to this point see – Our Story So Far.

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