Common Chorus make storytelling theatre that brings people from different walks of life together to enjoy stories that should be heard. We use real life events to inspire fantastic tales that are entertaining and powerful to watch.

We produce large scale community theatre projects and we make touring theatre with professional actors. Our touring theatre is fueled by participation; engaging people who live in the world of our story to weave their personal experiences into our narrative.

Our most recent endeavours include:

‘If I Say Jump’ was inspired by research conducted through participatory theatre with clients at ‘Spacious Places Addiction Recovery Centre’ in Leeds and toured to studio theatres  nationally. After exceeding expectations critically and with its audiences we plan to tour again in 2019.

“… a piece that upholds a real community feel that engages, entertains and pushes to remind us of the impulsiveness we share. With strong performances and an engaging storytelling style, this piece makes for a solidly entertaining, inspiring and thoughtful evening at the theatre.”
– Adam Bruce, On Stage.

‘A Wind of Change’ drew people from across socio-economic boundaries in Meanwood, Leeds, to tell a story inspired by local fables and residents’ biographies. A participatory company of 60 local people performed, danced and sang to three sell out audiences.

“It was a wonderful show…The actors, and those who supported back of house each performed brilliantly. It was pulled together so professionally.”
– Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor Jane Dawson.

Our new project, The Lonely Society, will be our next professional touring show. It will explore stories about the impact of social isolation and loneliness on mental health. To make it we will engage people at risk from social isolation in participatory work through the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. Taking inspiration from this research, we will create our new show later in 2019.

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