‘The Visibles’ Projects

“The fact that the people acting had actually been through that made it so powerful” 

‘The Visibles’ is a participatory project where people that have suffered social exclusion work with Common Chorus Theatre to tell their story, are seen and become visible. This usually takes the form of a performance project, although projects are bespoke to the needs of the group and other outcomes are possible.

“A vital part of my recovery which supported my journey and boosted my self esteem… priceless!”

The project began with two storytelling performances created with people in recovery from addiction at Spacious Places in Leeds that were performed for an audience of people in the recovery community. Now we want to follow this success by taking ‘The Visibles’ way of working to new groups. If you are part of an organisation with an established outreach programme and would like to work with us please get in touch and we can start talking about it.