Six Months … After the Flood

This weekend it is six months since the Boxing day floods. From what I understand there was flooding in many parts of the country, but to have flooding like that in Leeds was pretty much unheard of. Three memories spring to mind when I think about it. The first was a terrifying drive home from my Dad’s place near Harrogate to Leeds on Boxing day. The second is seeing places that I go to regularly on the national news – under water. The third is what seems to be a fairly infamous… Read More

Drink With a Chimp and Recovery Stories

Watch the mini documentary about the show above. “There is a sense that this company has got ‘under the skin’ to develop a play that has found both the misery of addiction and the communal hope – even joy – of those that are rediscovering dignity and self-worth. Those that literally have been given back their lives. … You don’t have to be an addict to recognise its relevance to all of our experiences.”             – The Public Reviews Recovery Stories and Drink with a Chimp are… Read More