After The Flood @ Leeds Waterfront Festival

After the Flood was a site based theatre performance commissioned by Multi Story Water for the Leeds Waterfront Festival 2016. Set six months after the devastating Christmas time floods in Leeds (and many other places) we were tasked with creating a performance that responded not just to what happened, but also how people have responded for better and worse in the clean up and beyond. Oh, and it had to be suitable for a family audience at a festival. After the Flood was actually the third piece in a series of collaborations… Read More

Six Months … After the Flood

This weekend it is six months since the Boxing day floods. From what I understand there was flooding in many parts of the country, but to have flooding like that in Leeds was pretty much unheard of. Three memories spring to mind when I think about it. The first was a terrifying drive home from my Dad’s place near Harrogate to Leeds on Boxing day. The second is seeing places that I go to regularly on the national news – under water. The third is what seems to be a fairly infamous… Read More

Drink With a Chimp and Recovery Stories

Watch the mini documentary about the show above. “There is a sense that this company has got ‘under the skin’ to develop a play that has found both the misery of addiction and the communal hope – even joy – of those that are rediscovering dignity and self-worth. Those that literally have been given back their lives. … You don’t have to be an addict to recognise its relevance to all of our experiences.”             – The Public Reviews Recovery Stories and Drink with a Chimp are… Read More