Community Writers Wanted (near Leeds) – ‘The Lonely Society’

Community Writers Wanted in Leeds
‘The Lonely Society’ by Common Chorus Theatre

For the next phase of our project ‘The Lonely Society’ Common Chorus theatre company are creating a script for a new community play that will explore the mental health impacts of social isolation and loneliness. We think that there is an important story to tell about how isolation impacts people’s wellbeing, and a surprising story to tell about how widespread the problem can be.

We are searching for people that understand this from their own life experience and are willing to volunteer to help us write a new short play about it. We are interested in hearing from anyone whose life has been affected, this could include;

  • People who have retired or are currently planning retirement
  • Adults living with a learning disability
  • People of working age with a disability or chronic illness that impedes their ability to work
  • People who care for someone with a chronic illness or disability
  • Young adults living away from their families
  • People who identify as LGBTQ+

Perhaps you have a unique perspective not listed above? Either way, if you have a story to tell about the mental health impacts of social isolation that you think others should hear, we would love to hear from you. You don’t need to have previous experience to take part, although those with an amateur interest in writing are very welcome.

Sessions will be a Holy Trinity Church in Meanwood, Leeds on Saturday afternoons between 1.30pm – 4pm from 22nd September – 3rd November + 17th November 2018.

This project has been planned with disability access in mind. All spaces are accessible and there is a small fund to help with transport costs for those who could not otherwise attend.

To get involved please express your interest before the end of Fri 7th September via to our online sign up form:

Or if you prefer you can also call Simon on 07817649699.

We only have limited places so we may select the strongest candidates if we receive more expressions of interest that we can accommodate.

You can find out more about The Lonely Society project on our web site:

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Follow on Twitter: @Common_Chorus

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