The Lonely Society

‘The Lonely Society’ is an ongoing series of theatre projects driven by Common Chorus Theatre during 2018 and 2019. Through workshops, community engaged performances, public conversations and finally a national tour of a new theatre production, we seek to lift the lid on the great taboo of loneliness in the modern age. The project is unfolding in three stages:

Part 1 – Creating the script for a new community play.

Through the Autumn of 2018 our artist team ran storytelling workshops with partners Parkinsons Halifax, Mind the Gap Academy, Carers Leeds, The Equity Partnership and the Don’t Call Me Old group in Armley to give voice to stories about social isolation. A group of twelve community writers then took inspiration from these stories in an ongoing scriptwriters group led by Leeds based writer Andrea Heaton.


Together they wove the research together with their own personal experiences to create a compelling fiction that has now been crafted into a new community play.

Part 2 – ‘Let’s Talk About Loneliness’ and Community Performance

In early January 2019, a cast of approx 20 people with diverse voices and their own connection to the impacts of social isolation will begin rehearsing the new script that we have developed. Hosted by partners at InterACT, the show will be performed at Stainbeck Church Hall on the 22nd & 23rd of February as part of an evening of theatre, food and conversation which we are calling ‘Let’s Talk About Loneliness’.

Tickets will go on sale in the New Year. Join our mailing list to keep up to date with developments.

Part 3 – New Theatre Show and National Tour

Following months of storytelling, learning and discussions our professional artist team will then develop a new storytelling production for studio theatres; previewing in early summer 2019. Director Simon Brewis and writer Dick Bonham return from our last show ‘If I Say Jump’ and are joined by performers Emma Gordon and Claire Marie Seddon. Built upon what we have learned from part 1 & 2, this new show will tell an entertaining and provoking story that speaks truthfully about the taboo of social isolation and loneliness today.

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