The Lonely Society

Be part of making Common Chorus theatre company’s next show!

Our next project, The Lonely Society, will be about the mental and physical health impacts of loneliness and social isolation. We have the start of a story inspired by the experiences of someone we know:

‘Julia’s been forced to stop work. She’s surprised how lonely she is. What’s the point of a life where you don’t take part?

Then one day an oik in a red hoodie and a David Cameron mask reaches through the window and steals her purse. The police say she’s been targeted because she’s a “vulnerable person”. She hates being called that. She offers them more tea all the same. She really, really doesn’t want them to leave.’

We are looking for people to help us build Julia’s story. Many of us either have or are connected to people who have suffered the impacts of social isolation and loneliness. There are two ways you could be involved:

– This autumn we will work with 8 – 12 community writers who will weave personal experiences into our fictional story.
-Early in the New Year we will work with 16- 20 community performers to create a spoken performance of that for a public audience.

Later in 2019 our professional artist team will use this to develop an exciting new storytelling theatre show with live music that we will tour nationally. Preview showing at Interplay Theatre in the late spring / early summer.

To find out more and get involved click here.

Help support the project financially through our Crowdfunder Campaign here.

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