‘A Wind of Change’ Tickets Now On Sale

Roll Up! Roll Up! Tickets are now on sale for this unique and exciting show created by and for people who love Meanwood.

16th Feb, 7.30pm
17th Feb, 3pm & 7.30pm
Stainbeck Church on Stainbeck Lane, LS7 2PP
Tickets are only £5 with a 25% discount for groups (4+ pre book only)
By tickets at: http://buytickets.at/interactleeds
Or you can get the from Stainbeck Church Community Cafe (Thurs 11-2pm) or call Ness on 07961535767.

The project is a collaboration between Common Chorus theatre company and local community arts organisation InterACT, who have been making wonderful things happen in Meanwood for more than 10 years. The show is about how people in Meanwood have responded to change, and has been created from real stories from local people and Meanwood history.  There are around 50 folks people performing or working backstage, and it has been an ambitious thing to create. To do it we have called upon the energies of some of Leeds most exciting local theatre companies and makers, including Matthew Bellwood, Uncanny Theatre, Peter Spafford, Adam Z Robinson and Liz Welburn.

Keep up to date with news on the facebook event

Here are a few picture from rehearsals so far:


Follow us on the internet:
Common Chorus Twitter: https://twitter.com/Common_Chorus

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