Announcing new community theatre project for Meanwood – A Wind of Change.

After plotting through the winter Common Chorus and InterACT are super chuffed to announce a new large scale community theatre project for all of Meanwood – A Wind of Change. Some folks may already know that this has been on the cards for a while as we started contacting community leaders and organisers in the early Spring, but now we have been given the thumbs up by our wonderful funders we can hit the launch button.

The show is going to be devised / co written by the cast working alongside our company of professional theatre makers, so it will be an original show made by and for people in Meanwood. There’s still plenty to decide, but I put this together as a sort of taster / starting point –

Winds in the wood, the new coming in, something is brewing and about to begin. I can’t put my finger on what lies in front, but a wind of change is blowing, whether we like it or not.

It is actually a fusion of two fairly famous quotes, can anyone identify the two sources?

The show will be a modern day fable that explores the ever changing nature of Meanwood. It will have magical storytelling, songs, physicality, spoken word, a live radio show and it will be inspired by the talents and real life stories of around sixty people from across the community. We will also draw upon the skills of some of Leeds’ most exciting resident theatre makers, each leading a group within the larger cast. They are Uncanny Theatre’s Natalie Bellingham and Matt Rogers, A Quiet Word’s Matthew Bellwood, Adam Z Robinson, Peter Spafford and of course Common Chorus’ own Simon Brewis (that’s me).

Workshops to create the script and stories will start in October 2017 and the project will culminate in the half term week of February 2018, with performances on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th February 2018 at Stainbeck Church Hall. Over the summer we will be working hard to contact groups and get all the logistics in place and recruitment for groups will take place in September. However if you are super keen and want to make sure you are the first to know when we start recruiting for the groups you can email to make sure you are on the list.

If you are a community leader, or run a group of some sort where you think people might like to get involved in this and we haven’t spoken to you yet, please do drop me a line.

More information including details of rehearsal times and location for groups are on the Common Chorus website now.

2 Comments on “Announcing new community theatre project for Meanwood – A Wind of Change.

  1. Think you might want to publicize this through the Meanwood Valley Partnership website/ email and Facebook pages. I’m sure Peter Spafford and Matthew Bellwood are aware


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