‘Letter to the River’ & ‘Recovery Stories’

‘Letter to the River’ and ‘Recovery Stories’ were two community theatre performances that we devised with clients in recovery from addiction at Spacious Places Recovery Centre.

Devised in response to biographical stories by clients at Spacious Places Recovery Centre.
Directed by Simon Brewis
Text by Dan Ingram Brown
Co facilitated with Lynsey Jones
Stage Manager (Recovery Stories only) Ruth Mark

Letter to the River – It is the morning of the 5th July 2014 and Leeds is awash with yellow and bicycles, it is the morning of the Grand Depart of the Tour De France – a once in a lifetime event. Sally winds her way through the crowds, on her own pilgrimage of sorts towards the river. She reflects on markers along the way, reminders of the domestic violence, alcoholism and profound loss she has experienced. As the race begins she stands among the crowds on the bridge over the river and and is filled with hope as she makes a life changing decision. This is her Grand Depart, her celebration and her journey of recovery.

For more insight read this blog Simon wrote about the project for Leeds Inspired – http://www.leedsinspired.co.uk/blog/project-hope

Recovery Stories – Sally has been in recovery for just over a year and she loves her new life. She is starting to make real friends again, she has joined a choir, she is even reconnecting with some of the people her addiction had driven away. But nothing could be more difficult than bringing her estranged brother Jay back into her life – because Jay is an addict. As Christmas Day approaches Jay says that he wants is what Sally has; Sobriety. Sally hatches a plan to help him get his freedom, because when you are free from drugs, you are free from everything.

Stories and learning from both projects became essential research and development for our touring production Drink With a Chimp.

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